After Hours Questions

Need to speak to a nurse?

We offer 24 hour call coverage, 7 days a week. We are here to help you, so don't hesitate to call.

During regular business hours - simply call our office to speak to one of our nurses that are answering questions:

(910) 762-2651

After regular business hours - simply call the same daytime office number to reach our nurse answering service OR

CLICK on the LINK provided BELOW to send your child's information DIRECTLY to our Triage Nurse without waiting on HOLD.

You will then be connected to a pediatric nurse through our pediatric answering service. Most often, they can answer your questions after taking a brief history.

Please be patient during the busy winter season, when call volume can be high. If the nurse doesn't answer immediately, leave your name and number and they will call you back shortly.

Please be patient on Saturday mornings when the phones are turned back on to talk to patients who are making an appointment or need to be tested during COVID-19. We will NOT be giving general nursing advice during these hours due to high patient volume and limited nursing weekend staff. For non-emergencies, please call back after noon to speak with a nurse after the clinic has closed.

Need to speak to the On-Call Providers?

If you do not need nursing advice, but instead need to urgently speak with our Provider on call, the answering service can connect you to the on-call Provider.

The Pediatric Center ALWAYS has one of its FIVE Providers available every night, 7 days a week.

Every day and night, either Dr. Edwards, Dr. Player, Dr. Jackson, Dr. Renton, or Brittany Bradshaw, CPNP will be available to always help our Patients, the On-Call Nurse, MedAcs, or Emergency Rooms with after hours decisions.

Weekend Office Hours

The Pediatric Center is open every Saturday for our patients.

We have walk-in hours from 9 AM to 11 AM on Saturday mornings to cover our patients' urgent problems, with one of our five providers available on a first come/first serve basis during that time.

After hours or when the office is closed:

We direct our patients for non-emergent care to Wilmington's MedAc Urgent Care. We have a co-management agreement with MedAc Urgent Care, so they can contact our on-call provider if needed, and send their notes about your child's visit to our office the next day. They have 5 convenient locations in the Wilmington area and have extended hours on the weekends and holidays. We are confident that our extended coverage will provide even better care for our patients when we are not able to see them in the office.

Emergency Room Visits and Hospital Admissions

If you must go to the ER, the ER physicians will take care of your child. If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital overnight, they will be cared for by the Pediatric Hospitalists at the Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital. These are physicians who are board certified in Pediatrics and the care of hospitalized children, so they are well trained and experienced in caring for our sickest patients. The Pediatric Hospitalists work exclusively at the hospital 24-7 and are also available for the ER physicians to consult in the care of pediatric patients as well.

If you are admitted to the Pediatrics Floor or visit the ER, please tell them you are patients at The Pediatric Center. That way, the hospital can keep us updated on our patients.