Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the best possible pediatric practice, which serves its patients in important ways with a personal approach, while reflecting the practical application of biblical values.

Focus: We strive to be a Christ-centered company.

People: We encourage the growth and well being of each employee, so that we can build and maintain solid relationships among ourselves, our families, our patients and our community.

Service: We enjoy serving others, striving to consistently meet the human needs of our patients, our community and beyond.

Conduct: We conduct ourselves with dignity, treat our patients with respect, show compassion for others, and are mindful of their confidentiality.

Work Environment: We aspire to be a great place to work: a fun, dynamic and continuously improving company that embraces world class practices in quality, timing and involvement.

Stewardship: We understand that the health of our patients is placed in our trust, and we will be good stewards of that privileged trust.